Closure makes the local press.

Calverley Grounds Bowls Club

In 2005 the Tunbridge Wells Council decided to close the Bowls Green in Calverley Grounds due to the costs of repair work required including the need to relay the green. The club had been founded for 79 years, but fortunately it wasn’t to end there when the Grove Bowls Club offered to take us, as a club, to share their facilities.


Calverley Today

During the summer season we have a club evening on Mondays starting about 6pm. We have friendly roll ups, play club competitions and arrange teams for the coming weeks matches. Club evening usually finish off with a drink from the bar and a chat.

We play friendly games most Wednesdays through the season, a Tunbridge Wells mens triples league on Thursdays and more friendly games Saturdays and Sundays. We have some social events combined with the Grove Bowls Club including Horse Racing evenings, Crib Evenings, bingo evenings and summer Bar-B-Qs.

The Calverley's original home in Tunbridge Wells Calverley Grounds.


Calverley’s first annual dinner

Founded in 1925 the club held its first annual dinner in 1926. Attended by about 100 people the event was presided over by Councillor Hempson, the Mayor various other councillors and the Chief Constable. After a toast to the King the first years awards were presented and so had started an association with Calverley Grounds that lasted 78 years.

During the speeeches that evening it was remarked that the club had attracted 66 members, which was thought to consitute a record. One member recounted wonderful summer evenings with the sun setting and the strains of the band coming to them on the green.

The final photo taken on the last day at the Calverley Grounds. The first game at the Grove took place the very next day.


Club Officers 2019


President and Treasurer: Terry Pearce 01892 890648
Chairman: James Donaldson 07794 601459
Secretary: Tina Chase 01892 682508
07794 726404
Captain (Weekends)& Match Secretary: Colin Ray  01892 534355
07936 545746
Captain (Wednesdays): John Saunders 01892 822191
07841 114774
Tun. Wells League Rep: Eric Rogers 01892 655977
07918 215464
Tun. Wells Men’s
Tournament Rep:
Steve Summers 07803 135566
Competitions Secretary: Ann Saunders 01892 822191
07841 114774
Committee Member: Timothy Larkin 01892 722903 07950 827986