At the September Board meeting it was decided that a meeting should be held to review the Club’s recent Triples League season.  It was agreed that this should be held in the Clubhouse at 8 pm on Friday 26th October 2018. All members are invited to attend and contribute to the discussion.

Gordon Burles 






Dear Members,

Welcome to the Grove & Calverley Bowling Club’s September 2018 Newsletter. 

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Letters are, as you will by now know generally issued on a bi-monthly basis.  The next one is planned for issue in November 2018, but should the need arise, there may be another before then.  If anybody has articles or information that you would like included in the next letter please ensure that it is with me by 25th of October 2018 at the latest.

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Before we start….

Over the past few months there have been a few occasions where I have issued information in the Newsletter only to be told that this or that has changed, but I had not been told.  Now I can do many things but I am not clairvoyant and I appreciate that on several occasions this misinformation has been down to me and the gremlins which inhabit my house!!!  But can I please ask that if important things like dates of Social Events etc., change, please let me know.   THANK YOU.

Grove & Calverley BBQ

I am pleased to report the annual BBQ was another successful afternoon despite it being very windy, a big thank you to those who wrestled with the pergola to stop it flying away and ensured the marquee remained grounded.  As always, thank you to Hilary and her team in the kitchen for making up salads and setting out the desserts.  And thank you to all of those who baked and made desserts which were delicious.

Tunbridge Wells Open Tournament 2018

Congratulations to Brian Grundy and Mick Milgate who won the pairs competition.

Essex County Club Triples Tournament

Mick Milgate and Brian Grundy also went to play in the Essex County Club Triples tournament where they met up with Keith Blackman, who used to be a member of The Grove and they won.  Congratulations to you all.

Cranbrook Open Triples

Congratulations to Roger Arnold and Kevin and Kathy Brand for bringing this one home.

Kent County Badge

Congratulations and well done to Trevor Bailey who has attained his County Badge.

The Grove Bowling Club Finals Day Sunday 9th September 2018


The Results:

Competition                                             Winner(s)

Men's Championship                                Dick Chapman

Open Handicap                                        Ian Vanns

Men's Unbadged                                      Trevor Bailey

Open Two Wood Singles                           Trevor Bailay

Open Drawn Pairs                                    John & Slyvia Westwood

Bill Squires '100 up'                                 Peter Harris

Open Plate                                              Bob Inskip

Ladies Championship                               Mary Fairbrass

Ladies Two Wood                                     Sue Vanns


The full competition results can be see on the Club Champions page.


Kent County Competitions

Lists are up in the Clubhouse for this for those who wish to enter and play in 2019.  Closing date is 1st October 2018.

The Calverley Bowling Club Finals Day Saturday 8th September 2018

The Results:

Competition                                                   Winner(s)

Men’s Championship                                       Ross Barham

Ladies Championship                                      Prabha Every

Two Woods                                                    Jim Donaldson

Men’s Handicap                                              Tim Larkin

Pairs                                                      John Saunders & Prabha Every

Hillman                                                          Alan Sands

Anthony                                                        Jim Donaldson

Len Allen                                                       John Westwood

New Members

The Grove Bowling club and Calverley Bowling Club would like to extend a belated welcome to Kevin and Kathy Brand who have joined us. We hope you will enjoy being with us.

Teas, Coffees, etc.

Can members who use the kitchen for making teas and coffees please ensure that all cups etc., used are washed up and put away before leaving the premises.  Can they also ensure that they pay of the cups they have.

A message from Sylvia Westwood to The Grove Bowling Club

Sylvia would like to say a big big thank you to all of those who donated the food and gave up their time on Finals day to provide the lovely spread and man the kitchen, and to all of those who came to watch and support the finalists.

Social Conveners wanted

As the end of the season approaches and Autumn turns into Winter, we have always tried to keep the clubhouse open at least once a week, usually on a Friday by having some sort of function going on. Unfortunately this year we are without anybody to do this. If you think you could maybe put a quiz together, organise a bingo session, arrange a darts competition or something along those lines, we would like to hear from you, or you may even have a completely different idea regarding some other social functions. If you would like to be involved in something like this, please contact either, John Westwood, Phil Boddy or John Lowrie and have a chat with them about it.

The Grove’s Triples League Season

At the September board meeting it was decided that a meeting should be held to review The Grove’s Triples League Season.  It agreed that this should be held in the clubhouse on Friday 26th October 2018.  All members are invited to attend and to contribute to the discussion.

Dates and Notes for your diaries.

Saturday 6th October 2018 – Indoor Match v The Royals

Friday 26th October 2018 – Meeting to review The Grove’s Triples League Season 8pm

The Calverley Presentation Dinner will take place on 20th October 2018.  The cost of which will be £25.00 per head (this includes the raffle and gratuities).  Be there at 7pm for 7.30pm.

The Grove Dinner and Presentation Evening will take place on 17th November 2018 and not the 18th November 2017 as printed in the fixtures list.  Details of the Menu and cost will be available nearer the time.

Have you ever wondered…..?

Our resident historian Roy Thompson, has been delving into the past again and this time has been researching Life Members, and here we have a little bit about William Arthur Rose who was club champion three times and the first life member.    Read on…….

Winner of the Championship 1918 and First Life Member

The earliest Honours Board in the Clubhouse shows that the Club Champion in 1918 was W A Rose. Because I am interested in the history of the Club and its members I thought I would undertake a little research and see what I could find out about Mr Rose.  

The Honours Boards show that he was also Club Champion in 1916, 1939 and 1947 and most probably a member for over 40 years. From various internet websites and directories I discovered that his full name was William Arthur Rose. Apparently he didn’t like the name William very much (perhaps because of the initials WAR) and he usually shortened his name to ‘Arthur Rose’.

Arthur Rose was born on 29th October 1873 in Redhill, Surrey, the son of William and Annie Rose. Arthur’s father was a gardener and the 1881 census shows Arthur as having a brother and two sisters. In the latter part of 1905 Arthur married Rose Olive Sampson and therefore she became Mrs Rose Rose. This name seems to have contained too many Roses for her or her husband’s liking and in later documents she calls herself Olive Rose.

In 1909 when the Club was founded Arthur and Olive were living at 11 Beltring Road, Tunbridge Wells, and in the 1911 census they are shown as having two sons and two daughters. Arthur’s occupation at that time was a ‘certified teacher at an elementary school’. He and his wife lived in Beltring Road until Arthur’s death on 8th March 1954 at the age of 80 in the Kent and Sussex Hospital leaving an estate valued at £1420-12s-3d (about £38,000 in today’s values). Olive died in 1962.

As reported in Arthur’s obituary in the Kent and Sussex Courier (below) he was a founder member of the Club, an outstanding bowler and our first Life Member. Perhaps in 2118 someone will be researching the winner of this year’s Championship!



Roy Thompson


JUNE 2018  


Dear Members, Welcome to the Grove & Calverley Bowling Club’s June 2018 newsletter. 

If you have any articles or bits and pieces of news that you would like included in your newsletter please let me know.  I can be contacted at  or on 01892 530591.

Letters are generally issued every two months.  The next one is planned for issue in August 2018, but should the need arise, there may be another before then.  If anybody has articles or information that you would like included in the next letter please ensure that it is with me by 28th of July 2018 at the latest.

e-mail addresses

If you change your e-mail address and you still want to receive a copy of the newsletters please let me know so I can update my records.

Club Competitions

The club competitions have been drawn and details are up in the clubhouse.  Please ensure that you play your matches by the closing dates of each round.

New Members

The Grove bowling club and Calverley Bowling Club would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new members to the clubs.  We hope you will enjoy being with us.

Grove & Calverley Home Matches

Would members who are playing in home team matches please try to arrive around half an hour before start of play so they can help set up the equipment.  Similarly can they also ensure that all equipment, including the white studs are put away and the fox fence is switched on before they leave, otherwise we could end up with a mini golf course instead of a bowling green thanks to our little foxy friends.  Thank you.

Volunteers Required

The Clubhouse, Shed and visitors room are in need of painting/wood preserving (can’t say creosote anymore).  Are there any frustrated painters and decorators out there who would just love the chance to explore their inner artistic streak?  If so please come up to the club on either, Tuesdays, Thursdays or Saturday mornings to lend a hand.

Friday evenings are Open Evenings

During the season the Clubhouse is open and the bar manned every Friday evening and it is also open evening.  If you are new to bowling and/or you have any friends who might be interested in having a go, come up and join us from around 6.30pm.  There will be members available to give you some tips etc, and there are also several sets of bowls available for you to use and try out different weights.  Just ensure you wear suitable shoes.  If you don’t possess any bowling shoes, trainers are fine.  Hope to see you.

Bowles or Bowls

Roy Thompson our resident historian has been delving into the archives of K & S Courier again and uncovered a very interesting little titbit.

A short piece in the K & S Courier in June 1918 was talking about Bowls but they spelt the word bowles.  Being curious by nature, Roy couldn’t leave it there so off to his trusty ipad he went and did a little investigating.  This is what he found.


Definition: Extrovert individual who wears thongs and plays up to a crowd like a comedian at a funeral, typically funny and a raging alcoholic'.

that guy is so bowles!

Not sure if that definition applied to any member in 1918!

Best wishes and get well soon

All members of The Grove and Calverley Bowling Clubs would like to send their best wishes and get well soons to the following members.  Roger Arnold, Tony Austen, Clive Baker and Brian Montgomery, (aka Monty).

Grove and Calverley’s Annual BBQ

This will be held on Saturday 28th July at 5pm The maximum number that can be catered for is 60.  The list is posted in the clubhouse and as this always proves very popular if you want to be there get your names down quick.

This year we would also be grateful to anyone who might like to give us a hand on the day.  As always Hilary and her helpers will be busily buzzing around behind the scenes getting all the salads and scrummy desserts ready.  If anybody would be willing to make a dessert and bring it along on the day that would be great.  If you think you can do this please contact Hilary on 01892 527748 and let her know.

Help is also needed to put out the salads and desserts in the clubhouse beforehand and also to help clear away afterwards.  If you can help with this, please see Hilary on the day.

John, Dick and myself will be engulfed as usual in our smoky little hollow up by the sheds.  We could do with some extra pairs of hands to help us get all the meat ready on time so if anybody would be willing to help us can you speak to John or Dick.  Thank you.

Dates for your diaries

The Annual charity match against the Mayor’s team will be held on Tuesday 3rd July starting at 5pm.

The Tunbridge Wells Tournament will start on Monday 6th August and ends on Saturday 11th August

Upcoming Events

Saturday 28th July – Grove & Calverley Fun Day & BBQ

Sunday 5th August Bert Cox semi-finals

Monday 6th to Saturday 11th August – Tunbridge Wells Tournament Week

Saturday 25th August- Calverley Rickaby Rose Bowl

Saturday 8th September- Calverley Club Finals Sunday

9th September-Grove Club Finals

Saturday 15th September-Calverley President's Shield

Saturday 6th October Royals-(Indoor) 2018

Saturday 17th November- Grove club dinner and presentations (Please note the date shown in the fixtures card is wrong)



MARCH 2018  


Dear Members, Welcome to the Grove & Calverley Bowling Club’s March 2018 newsletter. 

If you have any articles or bits and pieces of news that you would like included in your newsletter please let me know.  I can be contacted at  or on 01892 530591.

e-mail addresses

If you change your e-mail address and you still want to receive a copy of the newsletters, please let me know so I can update my records.


The AGM was held at The Grove Bowling Club on 9th March 2018.  Thanks to all those who attended.

Getting ready for the 2018 Bowling Season

Volunteers are required on Saturday morning 7th April  to help prepare the clubhouse and the grounds for the new season.  Please make every effort to attend on this date as ‘many hands make light work’. The green should be ready for ‘roll ups’ from Monday 23rd April, weather permitting. The season also begins on Monday 23rd April 2018 this year and Mike Southern will be continuing as the match secretary this year.

Ground Keepers Required

Now as we all know, our green and surrounding gardens are some of the best around, and the reason for this is the army of volunteers who gladly give up their time to ensure it remains in pristine condition.  Up until now we have not had to resort to outside contractors as they are costly and don’t always do a great job, so if you feel you can spare some time on either Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday mornings to help with this, please contact either Bob Holmwood at the club, by phone on 01892 527748 or by e-mail at , or Phil Boddy at the club, by phone on 01892 513435 or by e-mail at   

Membership Fees

Membership fees for this year for playing members are Men £75.00, Ladies £50.00, Junior Members £5.00 and Social Members £12.00. New playing members (men) will pay £37.50  and £25.00 (ladies) for their first year.

Catering Arrangements As you know the catering for home matches is done by a small number of volunteers who make sandwiches, cakes and such and who make the teas and coffees on home match days.  There are not very many of us and we are always looking for help with this.  If anyone would like to help, please contact Sylvia Westwood who is liaison for this and can be contacted on 01892 852258.

Social Events

Friday 23rd March 2018 – Finance Talk at 7.00pm for 7.30pm

Sasha McKee from Eight Wealth Management will be giving a brief financial presentation at the Clubhouse on Friday 23rd March. The presentation last year was very interesting, and  they made a generous donation to the Club. This year, they will be supporting the Tunbridge Wells Tournament, for which a similar donation is promised. A number of topics will be covered (such as "Should I keep my Cash ISA or would I be better off investing my money elsewhere ?") Eight Wealth Management travel up from Portsmouth, so I would ask all members to make every effort to come along on the 23rd - for a 7.30 pm start to make their journey worthwhile.  Light refreshments will be available (at no cost !)  

Thanks - hope to see a good many of you on Friday.  John W

Saturday 14th April 2018 – Race Night – 6.30 for prompt start at 7.00pm. 

Helpers are needed to help set up the Clubhouse etc., for Race Night.  If anyone can spare some time on Saturday morning, on 14th April 2018, please come along.

Race Night is one of the Club’s biggest fundraisers and is always hugely popular.  So come on, come up to the club on Saturday 14th April, have a few bets on the Gee Gee’s and enjoy a lovely Fish Supper. Entry fee is £10.00 per person which includes the Fish & Chips.  BARGAIN!!!!  




Dear Members, I hope you all had a very Happy Christmas and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018.

This newsletter is just to draw your attention to a couple of social events which will be happening in the next month or so.  As you know we like to plan a few things during the winter months just to keep in touch with everyone.


Quiz Night including Ploughman’s Supper - £5.00 per person On Friday 26th January 2018 starting at 7pm, we will be holding a Quiz night at a cost of £5.00 per person which will include a Ploughman’s supper.  If you would like to participate but do not have a team, don’t worry, please come along and teams will be assembled on the night.


Dinner Night Saturday 17th February 2018 (7.0 for 7.30 pm)

Jim Donaldson will be hosting his dinner night. Please note this is a change to the date previously notified.  The date has been changed because Calverley have a game on the original date of the 24th February 2018.  Please note diaries and calendars.




Terrine of Salmon with Lemon Herb Mayonnaise.


Main Course

Roast Loin of Lamb with Sweet & Sour Red Current Sauce Rissole Potatoes with Mint Butter Seasonal Vegetables.



Warm Chocolate & Walnut Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream & Raspberry Coulis.  


The cost will not be known until Jim has purchased the ingredients.As always places for this event are limited and are on a first come first served basis.  For those interested in attending the dinner, please contact Steve Summers on 07803-135566 or 01435-865437.


I anticipate that the next newsletter will be in March 2018 so if you have any articles or bits and pieces of news that you would like included in the next newsletter please let me know.  I can be contacted at  or on 01892 530591.